Thứ Hai, 7 tháng 12, 2009

My horoscope for this week!

For myself to ponder ...

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to learn from those around you (good!). You may need time to think. Leadership is likely if you put additional work into organizations you belong to. You may have trouble getting along with some of your friends. Try to be direct, yet diplomatic in order to gain their cooperation. Some family members may need a bit more time and attention, than usual. You are so interested in what everyone else is doing that you will pick up plenty of knowledge this week. Moderation is important for your health and for how others see you. (true!) Get out with friends, you need some excitement in your life. You should try to attend functions that will stimulate your mind. Once you start to relax, you'll be hard to keep up with. New light will find its way into a dark corner of your life.

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