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English Companion Ning Community: Principles and Practices

This document is meant to make clear to members of the EC Ning community why the EC Ning exists, how to use it, and what is permissible. This is an evolving document created by the community and subject to revision as the members of the EC Ning community deem necessary. I like Michael’s suggested credo: “The English Companion Ning is a community where above all else professionalism is expected, cultivated, and required. All posted content must add positively to our professional neighborhood; therefore, any person whose acts are deemed outside of this basic etiquette may be asked to leave.”

A few more specific points are worth spelling out for future reference and new members:

Guiding Principles:

-The English Companion Ning is a place “Where English teachers meet to help each other.”

- It exists to support its members not to make money. No ads or anything for sale here.

- Members are welcome to refer and link to their own books, blogs, businesses, or websites within the context of their EC Ning posts but should not use this site to promote their own books, blogs, businesses, or websites (i.e., don't try to sell us anything).

- If you were, are, will be, or do work to help an English teacher we want you in our community.

Common Practices

- Post your content in the most appropriate place. EC Ning member “Clix” offers the following elegant summary of posting practices:

- blogs are for stating why you teach something (e.g., classics or YA)

- forums are for arguing about whether to teach something (e.g., classics or YA)

- groups are for sharing suggestions how to teach something (e.g., classics and YA)

- Respect people even as you challenge, question, or disagree with them

- Make an extra effort to support new teachers to ensure their success

- Do not duplicate postings or discussions. This is especially relevant for the Teaching Texts group. Before starting a new discussion (e.g., about The Things They Carried) use the search function to see if a discussion on that topic already exists.

Recommendations for Efficient Use

- Give each post a clear title with words people can find through search. “The Zen and the Art of Teaching” is a bit vague and would return every post with “teaching” in it. “Classroom Discussion Strategies,” while not a sexy title will get more hits and be more helpful for those who search for “discussion strategies.”

- Consider setting up an RSS feed to EC Ning or creating an account with Pageflakes to track content on the EC Ning

- Link to articles you reference whenever possible. This makes for more efficient use by those who read your ideas.

- Consult the EC Ning FAQs

- Add tags to all postings to improve search within the EC Ning.



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