Thứ Hai, 13 tháng 4, 2009

My week's horoscope - feeling good about myself!

This week (13-17/4) seems so good - from the horoscope. So, why not believe in it and feel good about myself? I put the forecast here to see if it is realised!

This week's scenario is highlighted by your realization that you need to be good to yourself and those you love. The real world is strange enough without making things worse. Don't trust anyone who won't look you in the eye. You have to disconnect your emotions from a difficult situation. Once you do, your energy will increase. Use your resources to find new ways to complete your tasks. This is a time for accomplishment. You are a champion for those who need an advocate. You can make the impossible look easy. The services that you perform now are sure to earn you points. You will do well if you are intent on doing your best and offering a helping hand to those who ask. In a little while, you'll be able to laugh about this whole thing and be yourself again.

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