Thứ Sáu, 23 tháng 1, 2009

Nghĩa của từ office!

Dưới đây là nghĩa của từ office lấy từ trên trang web encarta; trong đó nghĩa số 7 là nghĩa nói về chức vụ, nhiệm vụ:

of·fice [ áwfiss, óffiss ]

noun (plural of·fic·es)


1. room used for business activity: a room in which business or professional activities take place, often occupied by a single person or a single section of the business

2. place of business: the quarters in which a commercial, professional, or government organization carries out its activities

3. official organization: a commercial or professional organization

4. staff in office: the people who work in an office
get-well cards from the office

5. large departments in some governments: a major executive branch in some national governments
He works for the British Home Office.

6. U.S. government agency or department: a U.S. government agency or subdivision, especially an agency or subdivision of the federal government

7. position of responsibility: an official post or position of duty, trust, or responsibility
The mayor has been in office four years now.

8. place for tickets or information: a booth or other place where tickets or information may be obtained

9. christianity set form of Christian service: the prescribed order or form of a Christian church service, or of daily prayers

10. task or assignment: a task, assignment, or chore ( formal ) ( usually used in the plural )

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