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Language Testing Course Syllabus

Language Testing

- Vu Thi Phuong Anh (PhD), email: or
- Nguyen Bich Hanh (MA), email:

Course objectives
- to provide ss with an understanding of the basic distinction between two families of tests, ie norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests, and their respective characteristics
- to equip language program administrators and classroom teachers with practical and useful tools for making correct decisions in their jobs such as admission, placement, certification, making comparisons between students, judging the effectiveness of teaching techniques, materials, curriculum, or assessing learners' growth.

Required text
Brown, J, D. (2005) Testing in Language Programs - Comprehensive Guide to English Language Assessment (2nd ed). Singapore, McGrawHill.

Recommended text
Hughes, A. (2003) Testing for Language Teachers (2nd ed). Cambridge, CUP.

Week 1 - Types and Uses of Language Tests
Week 2 - Adopting, Adapting and Developing Language Tests
Week 3 - Developing Good Quality Language Test Items
Week 4 - Item Analysis in Language Testing
Week 5 - Describing Language Test Results
Week 6 - Interpreting Language Test Scores
Week 7 - Correlation in Language Testing
Week 8 - Language Test Reliability
Week 9 - Language Test Dependability
Week 10 - Language Test Validity
Week 11 - Language Testing in Reality

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