Thứ Bảy, 8 tháng 11, 2008

First entry for my dream English school

It all started as a dream, in early 1994. I had just arrived in Australia for my 3 years of hard labour (!) working on my doctoral education. My son was only 7 then, and my thesis supervisor was an expert in bilingual education whose strong belief in children's natural ability in acquiring language ignited in me the interest in establishing an English school for children (with my son foremost in my thought). But of course it was only a dream, for at that time I did not know how I would earn enough to support myself and my family, let alone having enough money to establish and English schooi.

It's late 2008 now and my dream is still alive (my son is now 21, by the way, but I have a daughter who is only 11, so if I established a school quickly enough my daughter may be able to benefit ;-)). And I think if I am persistent enough, it will come true!

So this blog is to keep the dream alive, lest I forgot what I want. I'll come frequently to share with you things that have happened to my dream. So watch out!


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  1. Hi Mrs Phuong Anh...I happened to know about your entry while surfing the net. I admired your youthful spirit. You must be a respectable educator being loved by many of her students. :-)

    Trả lờiXóa