Thứ Hai, 2 tháng 11, 2009

Cultural Awareness Activity for a New Class (Intermediate Level)

Pre-reading, lead-in activities

1. Ask ss whether they have foreign friends. It does not matter whether they have one or not.

2. If they have one, ask them what difficulties they have, if any, communicating with their foreign friends. If they do not, ask them what they think will be the most difficult aspect of communicating with a foreigner.

3. Allow them some time to talk about their experience.


1. Put them in group using their laptop to explore the Culture Crossing Web page ( After a while, ask them what they found on the web page, and whether they think it's useful.

2. Ask them to go to the Culture Crossing Web page to read the Guide about Vietnam and a country of their choice, then compare the differences.


1. Ask them to say whether they agree or disagree with what they found in the guide.

2. Ask them to change whatever they want to change, and give an explanation of the changes.

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